Warszawa, ul. Żurawia 6/12 - Organika Office Centre
The pride of cultural Warsaw and a real El Dorado of business. This prestigious location was chosen as the seat of one of the largest state institutions: National Labour Inspectorate.

The tenement house situated on the corner of Krucza and Żurawia is a building dating back to the 1960’s, combining class with the modern character of a European capital. Thanks to the comprehensive modernisation of the building, we can guarantee the highest standard of the leased premises. Other assets of the Żurawia 6/13 Office Centre include convenient access by car and municipal transport. It is also worth noting that this is a favoured walking and meeting location of the Polish yuppies. Which is no surprise, as it is here that they can visit the known to everyone “Cafe 6/12” or the beautiful and subtle “Pret a Cafe”.

For our clients we have prepared office surfaces on 6 levels, and the offer is supplemented with the parking spaces available to the tenants. We provide 24-hour security and professional telecommunications and IT services. Our team of specialists shall customise and arrange the office area that you select.